M&L sign makers Ltd is a London-based sign manufacturer. Our team of highly skilled sign makers has more than forty years of experience creating bespoke signage.

We specialize in manufacturing high quality signs for a diverse range of clients, including:

Designers, Architects, Local Authorities, Government Bodies, Housing Associations, Schools & Colleges, Shop Fitters, Building Contractors and Vehicle Operators.

Our custom services are tailored to our clients: we can meet the needs of those looking for an economical sign solution, to those looking for top of the range signs of the highest quality. Our services cover all stages of the sign manufacturing process, from creating custom designs to suit the client’s wishes, bringing the designs to life with our team of highly skilled manufacturers, to deliveries and installations. We offer a complete sign making service for signs of all kinds.

We install our signs over wide areas of the UK, and also deliver signage overseas.

So, whether you require a small label, a plaque, an illuminated shop fascia, vandal proof signs, a large hoarding, vehicle graphics, or any other type of sign you can think of, we can help.